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Christy Miller Volume #4

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A Time To Cherish
What could be better than spending Labor Day weekend on a houseboat at Lake Shasta with her closest friends? Christy is so happy! This is the way she always hoped things would turn out with Todd. So, why is it that everything else in her life has become more stressful and complicated now that she and Todd are closer than ever? Is it because Katie has fallen into a serious relationship, as well? These two best friends are at odds just when they should be having the most fun together. Christy soon realizes that sometimes you have to stand back and let people make their own decisions, even when you don't agree with them. You can't change everything and everybody. But you can change your choice of paint color on a vintage bookshelf. Especially after finding inspiration from the sunset after a walk on the beach with Todd. If it's true that there is time for every season under heaven, then Christy believes this is definitely a time to cherish. 

Sweet Dreams
Christy's senior year is going great! Especially the time she spends with Todd. It's painful, though, to see how her best friend Katie, is struggling in her relationship with Michael. A weekend at Uncle Bob and Aunt Marti's in Newport Beach is supposed to help cheer Katie up. Doug even comes along for a day at Disneyland with Christy, Todd and Katie. His Doug-hugs help, but only a little. Christy appreciates Doug's kindness more than ever but how is the future going to shape up for all of them after she and Katie graduate? Christy discovers the answers when she is willing to listen, not only to her friends but also to her heart where she can hear God gently prompting her to "let go". What does that mean? How can letting go of all she's been praying for lead her to a place of sweet dreams in the future that has now suddenly opened before her?

A Promise Is Forever Christy is going to Europe! It’s a three-week outreach trip with Doug, Katie, and Tracy. First stop is London for some sightseeing, and then on to a castle in the English countryside for group training. Christy is so excited to be headed for Belfast with her friends. Their roommate, Sierra Jensen adds lots of energy to their late night conversations along with Katie. Why is it that Tracy seems to be avoiding the merriment? Or is it Christy that she's avoiding? The tension grows and Christy must evaluate her closest relationships. In her heart she knows she's been untrue to herself and also to one of the greatest guys she's ever known. Difficult conversations follow and it seems everything has been made right. That is, until all the plans go topsy-turvy at the last minute and Christy must face her fears. Will she be able to take on the challenge even when she can’t foresee the end result? If she can go the distance and trust God more than ever before, Christy will discover that a promise really can last forever.

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