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  • Christy Complete Series Collection

Christy Complete Series Collection

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Once you discover a favorite character don't you love it when the stories just keep on going?


This is binge reading at its finest.

You can follow Christy Miller for over 12 years of her normal, crazy, up and down life in the Christy Complete Series Collection.

You'll start with 4 hardback volumes in the Christy Miller Series follow by 3 paperbacks in Christy & Todd: The College Years and moving on to 3 paperbacks in Christy & Todd: The Married Years and 3 paperbacks in Christy & Todd: The Baby Years. 

You'll laugh and cry with Christy all along the way. Join millions of readers around the world who relate to Christy so closely that they feel as if Christy has become one of their true Forever Friends.

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