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  • Christy Miller


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Fans of Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen will want to add this novella from Robin Jones Gunn to their collection.
The stories take place before the two friends meet. Their paths cross but neither of them have any idea that in a few months they'll be roomates in a castle in England.
It's the summer after Christy's graduation from high school. She's still aching after Todd's departure and joins her family on a trip back to Wisconsin where she reconnects her with her childhood pal, Matthew Kingsley. When Matt shows an interest in Christy she must decide if she's doing the right thing by waiting for Todd.
Sierra eagerly accepts an invitation to go to Montana with her friend, Janna. She anticipates lots of activities on the lake, roasting marshmallows over the fire pit and late night heart to heart chats in the cabin. It soon becomes clear that Janna would rather hang out with the local guys than spend girl time with Sierra. Sierra doesn't have the flirting skills that Janna seems to be perfecting on this trip and wonders if any guy will ever be attracted to her. Sierra decides she'd rather take her time growing up because she can never go back and enjoy these carefree years again.

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