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Until Tomorrow

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Christy & Todd: The College Years Book #1

After nearly a year in a university program in Switzerland, Christy Miller is excited to see Katie and Todd who are coming from California to visit her. The three of them have a whirlwind tour of Europe planned complete with train passes, friends to see and unforgettable locations they want to visit.

An unexpected camping trip sets an off-kilter tone at the beginning of the grand reunion and Christy finds it difficult to interpret some of Todd’s comments and actions. Has their friendship remained steady after such a long time of being separated?

As much as Christy wants her relationship with Todd to be clearly established, she realizes they are experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Why not enjoy every minute of it while they can? Plans for her future with Todd can wait until tomorrow. Find out what happens in Robin Gunn's Until Tomorrow.


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