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  • Katie Weldon Series Collection

Katie Weldon Series Collection

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Katie Weldon 4-Book Series includes: Peculiar Treasures, On a Whim, Coming Attractions and Finally & Forever.

Our favorite redhead became Christy Miller's best friend during their high school days and the friendship continues.

Katie puts her whole heart into everything she does including a dream-come-true boyfriend, her final year at Rancho Corona University and an unexpected friendship with someone who seems to know her better than she knows herself.

You'll relate to Katie's victories, large and small, and find yourself laughing at the comical way she approaches life. Everyone should have a friend as loyal as Katie.

To find out what happens next pick up Christy & Todd: The Married Years series.

"Gunn is adept at denuding light fiction of its usual tics – mediocre prose, clichéd characters and predictable plots – and imbuing it with the hallmarks of literary fiction. The characters are multidimensional and ring true at nearly every turn. The dialogue that ensues is at once heartbreaking and utterly familiar to anyone who has ever been in Katie’s shoes. Moreover, Katie’s religious faith never feels sentimentalized or tacked on, but is integrated beautifully into the charming plot.”
Publishers Weekly review of Peculiar Treasures.


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