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  • Sisterchicks® Say Ooh La La
  • Sisterchicks® Say Ooh La La

Sisterchicks® Say Ooh La La

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All giggles and wiggles, Lisa and Amy sealed their friendship under the pink ruffles of a canopy bed, promising they’d someday go to Paris and walk down the Champs-Elysées together looking tres chic. Over the years they drifted apart. But some promises, it seems, are held for safekeeping in the courts of heaven until the time is right. When these two friends reconnect, they are handed the chance of a lifetime, and at long last visit the City of Lights.  Delighted with the world-class shopping, flaky croissants, Eiffel Tower, Monet’s Water Lilies,and food running the gamut from frog legs to fabulous chocolate, these two Sisterchicks end up climbing a few personal “ Eiffel Towers” as they are about to enter the next season of life. The only way to go is step by step together under the careful protection of their Heavenly Papa, who showers them with grace upon grace. 

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