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  • Christy and Todd the College Years: As You Wish

As You Wish

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Christy & Todd: The College Years Book #2 

Christy Miller returns to Southern California for her junior year at Rancho Corona University with lots of hopes and dreams for the days ahead in the next adventure from Robin Jones Gunn. What could be better than having Katie as her roommate and seeing Todd on campus every day?

In the middle of the fun with her friends and the late nights studying, Christy soon finds her life filled with complicated feelings and misunderstandings in all of her most important relationships. A single word causes her world to stop spinning and “forever” takes on a deeper meaning when Christy unexpectedly finds herself in the quiet corner of a hospital room praying like she’s never prayed before.

She experiences the sweetness of love that grows out of true friendship and discovers how it feels to no longer have doubts about her future with Todd. Christy feels ready for what is to come and eagerly concludes every one of her prayers with “as You wish”.


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