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Cottage By The Sea

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In this coastal story of change and enduring love from Robin Jones Gunn, Erin’s new dream-come-true business as a wedding planner is running at full speed. Her empty nest years are full of promise when she receives a call that puts everything on hold: her estranged father has had a stroke. She sees that the twinkle is fading from Jack O’Riley’s Irish eyes and hears from his calloused second wife that caring for an invalid is not what she signed up for. 

With Erin's own son’s wedding plans in full swing, she finds herself committed to an extended stay at her father's cottage by the sea. At first the task before her is as daunting as the wild Oregon coast. As the challenges unfold, Erin's perspective changes and she finds her place in caring for her father. The result of her gift of time is a chance for fresh starts and deeper relationships in her family. Erin comes to believe that God has hidden treasures in the darkness of this unexpected season of life.

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