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Home Of Our Hearts

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Home of Our Hearts is Book #2 in Christy&Todd: The Married Years series

Christy and Todd both made important promises long ago. Todd assured his dad he’d stand with him if his dad ever got remarried. Christy promised her best friend she’d be there for Katie when she walked down the aisle. Both wedding days have arrived and Christy and Todd couldn’t be happier.

What neither of them ever guessed was that they’d need to fly halfway around the world to keep their promises and participate in the weddings of these two people they love. Plans are made, tickets are bought. They say they are learning to trust God even when the future in uncertain.

However, an unexpected phone call uproots Christy and Todd the night before their flight and a frightening diagnosis leaves the young couple questioning their next decision. Todd reveals hidden hurts from his childhood and Christy struggles to understand her place with her mother and her aunt. Will the obstacles prevent them from keeping their promises? Or will they draw closer to each other and find a way to celebrate as they discover the deeper meaning of the word “home”?

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