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  • Glenbrooke Series "Waterfalls"


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Waterfalls is book #6 in the Glenbrooke series.

Meredith's job takes her to Glenbrooke where she meets the only man who has ever made her heart leap: Jacob Wilde. Trouble is, after their first few encounters, his heart doesn't seem to be leaping toward hers.

When Jacob approaches a large publishing house with a series of books he's written he discovers that Meredith, the acquisitions editor, is the woman he needs to impress. And Meredith is more than willing to let him work at it.

Find out what happens in this installment of the Glenbrooke series when Jacob sees Meri in a different light and suddenly is the one who is starstruck. Another fun and thoughtful read from Robin Jones Gunn, the creator of the Christy Miller series.

Come to Glenbrooke -- a quiet place where souls are refreshed.

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