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Whispers is book #2 in the Glenbrooke Series.

When Teri Moreno was in high school, she tried out for cheerleader with Christy Miller.

Now that she's in her mid-twenties and a Spanish teacher, she leaves Glenbrooke thinking her visit to see her sister on Maui is going to be her chance to reconnect with the Marine biologist she met last summer.

Teri is surprised to run into an old high school love interest from Escondido. And who is this clumsy, endearing guy from Australia who keeps showing up? Three men want her attention. What a vacation this is turning out to be!

Only one of them makes it clear that he's got what it takes to win her heart. How does Teri know? The answer comes to her in whispers.


Come to Glenbrooke -
a quiet place where souls are refreshed.

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