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Wildflowers is book #8 in the Glenbrooke Series.

Genevieve’s dream is coming true. The Wildflowers Cafe goes up for sale and Genevieve knows she can make it into something special.

But in this installment of Robin Jones Gunn's Glenbrooke series, the unexpected happens and Genevieve is ready to give up on dreams and on love.

That's when a small circle of tender-hearted Glenbrooke women rally around her and dare her to dream again.

With the dreaming comes the biggest surprise of all. Genevieve realizes she is giddily in love with the last man she expected could make her feel this way. Find out what happens in this uplifting story from Robin Jones Gunn, the author who brought Christy Miller. 

Come to Glenbrooke -- a quiet place where souls are refreshed.

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