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  • Glenbrooke Series "Woodlands"


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Woodlands is book #7 in the Glenbrooke Series.

After years of pouring herself out for others, Leah is on the receiving end and she doesn't know what to do with the blessings. She has her own cottage in town, wonderful friends, a great job at the hospital and now an unexpected inheritance.

When Seth, the new guy in town, wants to give Leah lots of attention, she's not the only one who questions his motives.

Only by turning her affections in a new direction will Leah be able to hear the true song of this springtime of her life. Enjoy the pathway through the woodlands with Leah and watch love blossom in this tender story from the author of the Christy Miller series.

Come to Glenbrooke -- a quiet place where souls are refreshed.

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